Finding our new band member just might not be as difficult as I feared. We have already been contacted by about half a dozen bass players, and the two we had for audition this week were both good, although in very different ways. It is relieving to see that the interest is this significant. I am really looking forward to finding just the right person. It seems like we have renewed energy and our work effort and willingness to do the ’boring’ tasks has increased dramatically. I guess this is what happens way too often; you don’t perform as you should until you really have to. Now we have to. And it works. There are still important decisions to be made though, and it is crucial that we maintain the positive and constructive energy we seem to have in our trinity. Christmas naturally makes a break in our everyday, but I believe we will continue writing songs, and perhaps even recording some, while searching for the new bass player.

I hope you are enjoying the new songs available in the K-player. Dispatch is a personal favorite of mine. Feel free to send us some feedback on the songs – new or old – or write a couple of lines in the guestbook.

Merry Christmas!