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we love you all (yeah, right!)

K-log Posted on 2006-12-27 23:04

the perfect arena rock cliché. after two hours of distorted guitars, pounding beats, hardcore swearing at the world and general underlining of the hard rock image by pretending not to give a crap, the time has come to sway to the opposite pole. it’s the time where the self-ruling happy-go-lucky society displacees come to confession screaming to the thousands of sweating fans before them “we love you all!” as they leave the stage heading for the next big gig.

obviously referring to le message du raz, dreaming is inevitably a part of Kardia and we happily adopt the pretentiousness of bigger rock acts. as if there were any! being in love with us is the best love you will ever know. however, remember that although everybody is equal, some are more equal than others. hence we love you all, but some of you we don’t. some say that love is a two way street. you think? love us and we will love you back. dream with us and the dream might come true.

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– tjili

And a happy new year

K-log Posted on 2006-12-27 19:30

Dear all – this has been a wonderful christmas..

We have had time to ourselves the past week; a time which has been a nice chance to ponder on the bassplayers we met. I have been with my numerous – and at times onerous – family and am now visiting the parents of my GF in the 3rd and 4th days after christmas. Still, I am also reading texts for the paper I am handing in at PolSci on the 2nd of January. Hopefully it will turn out less crappy than I continue to fear.

Today I went with my GF to the habour for fresh fish – and they basically threw ’em at us 🙂 Nice to be in the country, where business strategies aren’t always protit-maximizing.

However: Looking forward to a return to the city of hopes and dreams, la cité du Copenhague. There I shall once again make music with my wonderful two compadres.

A beinto!
– Le Raz