Dear all – this has been a wonderful christmas..

We have had time to ourselves the past week; a time which has been a nice chance to ponder on the bassplayers we met. I have been with my numerous – and at times onerous – family and am now visiting the parents of my GF in the 3rd and 4th days after christmas. Still, I am also reading texts for the paper I am handing in at PolSci on the 2nd of January. Hopefully it will turn out less crappy than I continue to fear.

Today I went with my GF to the habour for fresh fish – and they basically threw ’em at us 🙂 Nice to be in the country, where business strategies aren’t always protit-maximizing.

However: Looking forward to a return to the city of hopes and dreams, la cité du Copenhague. There I shall once again make music with my wonderful two compadres.

A beinto!
– Le Raz