We have chosen our new bass-player and already we’re crunching away towards new goals. The first rehearsal with Kristoffer as a member was an intensely satisfying experience – he is much different and very engaging to play with.

I think we are all very happy there days, as we are heading for the second rehearsal this evening. Let’s just hope they didn’t turn down the heat out there .. (Fingers crossed) .. studpid landlords.

We have chosen five songs for our next concert on Stengade the 30th of Jan. They are:
Winter’s Coming (must have!)
Dispatch (That ambulance thing)
H2O (I love this one, it’s a dance/rock track with a great chorus)
Resist (Mag and Daniel wanted this, which annoys me since it has no recurring chorus)
Don’t Stop Me (must have!)

Kristoffer seemed to like the material (He’d better!), and we played through most of it on sunday.

It’ll be kick-ass – come see us at Emergenza Festival the 30th of january! (check main page for upcoming info)