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From time to time, we will tell you what's going on in our lives.

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PST! Ny demo på vej..

K-log Posted on 2007-09-21 17:27

Opgave 1: Find fejlen i nedenstående udsagn:

“Puha! Når vores September-tour er overstået, tager vi en slapper…”

Opgave 2: Hvilke tre numre har KARDIA tænkt sig at optage?

“Vi har talt om at optage vores nye mega-hit, bedre kendt som Tysk Døds-Trance (TM).
Derudover arbejder vi med to nye numre, et næsten færdigt 70er-rocket track og et Kristoffer er kommet med skitsen til. Vi ender nok med at optage det mindste færdige, ligesom med Overtone.
Endelig vakler vi mellem at optage Story of The Sun Defiers eller Juno X, men vi ender nok (som sædvanlig) med det mest komplekse af de to numre”.

Kvalificerede gæt på ovenstående to opgaver kan mailes til Blandt de korrekte besvarelser trækkes lod om 2 stk af vores nye EP.

Til alle jer live-freaks: Vi ses derude i december måned!


Vi vandt! (aka. gik videre i Melody Makers)

K-log Posted on 2007-05-20 03:47


Hurra hurra hurra hurra hurra hurra hurra !!!!!!

Der er semifinale for os den 16. juni.

Dog skal R. Steenberger beklage, at han er i Kina på daværende tidspunkt. Igangværende forhandlinger med M. Astrup tyder dog på en positiv holdning blandt kæreste-segmentet for så vidt angår ombooking af billetter retur fra Kina.

Hurra hurra hurra hurra hurra hurra hurra !!!!!!

New stuff on the way

K-log Posted on 2007-03-13 21:05

Today we agreed to finish up the latest song – a funky, suprising thing called Veneral Disease.

I like it. A lot.

It is definitely highly contageous.

The gig planning for Studenterhuset is coming along slowly as we still lack one or two bands to warm up for us. We still searching for the right ones with the right sound, but it’s coming along.

We also still lack volunteers .. and funds smiley

we love you all (yeah, right!)

K-log Posted on 2006-12-27 23:04

the perfect arena rock cliché. after two hours of distorted guitars, pounding beats, hardcore swearing at the world and general underlining of the hard rock image by pretending not to give a crap, the time has come to sway to the opposite pole. it’s the time where the self-ruling happy-go-lucky society displacees come to confession screaming to the thousands of sweating fans before them “we love you all!” as they leave the stage heading for the next big gig.

obviously referring to le message du raz, dreaming is inevitably a part of Kardia and we happily adopt the pretentiousness of bigger rock acts. as if there were any! being in love with us is the best love you will ever know. however, remember that although everybody is equal, some are more equal than others. hence we love you all, but some of you we don’t. some say that love is a two way street. you think? love us and we will love you back. dream with us and the dream might come true.

show me love at

– tjili

Merry Christmas!

K-log Posted on 2006-12-22 09:48

Finding our new band member just might not be as difficult as I feared. We have already been contacted by about half a dozen bass players, and the two we had for audition this week were both good, although in very different ways. It is relieving to see that the interest is this significant. I am really looking forward to finding just the right person. It seems like we have renewed energy and our work effort and willingness to do the ’boring’ tasks has increased dramatically. I guess this is what happens way too often; you don’t perform as you should until you really have to. Now we have to. And it works. There are still important decisions to be made though, and it is crucial that we maintain the positive and constructive energy we seem to have in our trinity. Christmas naturally makes a break in our everyday, but I believe we will continue writing songs, and perhaps even recording some, while searching for the new bass player.

I hope you are enjoying the new songs available in the K-player. Dispatch is a personal favorite of mine. Feel free to send us some feedback on the songs – new or old – or write a couple of lines in the guestbook.

Merry Christmas!